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RESOLUTION NO. 16-078 <br /> A RESOLUTION AUTHORIZING THE PUBLIC WORKS DIRECTOR TO NEGOTIATE <br /> A ROAD TRANSFER AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE CITY OF IAS CRUCES (CITY) <br /> AND THE NEW MEXICO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION (NMDOT) TO <br /> ACCEPT JURISDICTION OVER VALLEY DRIVE FROM AVENIDA DE MESILLA TO <br /> THE NORTHERN MOST CITY LIMITS. <br /> The City Council is informed that: <br /> WHEREAS, in 1992, the NMDOT Highway Commission directed Highway <br /> Districts to work toward a comprehensive state wide movement to transfer ownership of <br /> State routes within the boundaries of local governments to those agencies for operation <br /> and maintenance; and <br /> WHEREAS, the NMDOT approached the Public Works Department with a <br /> proposal for the City to agree to accept jurisdiction, ownership, operation, and <br /> maintenance responsibilities for Valley Drive from Avenida de Mesilla to the northern <br /> most City limits in the form of a road transfer agreement; and <br /> WHEREAS, City staff has held meetings with the NMDOT to discuss the road <br /> transfer proposal and has been involved in the initial phase of the project, providing <br /> input and participating in the public outreach process; and <br /> WHEREAS, City staff has brought forward infrastructure and amenities to include <br /> in the project that would be beneficial to the City and would facilitate the transfer of <br /> Valley Drive to the City, and <br /> WHEREAS, the NMDOT has not developed a road transfer agreement because <br /> they do not have all the details to include in an agreement at this time (i.e. alternatives, <br /> costs, oversizing the drainage structures, etc.); and <br /> WHEREAS, it is imperative that the City solidify its commitment and participation <br /> in the Valley Drive Project at this time; and <br />